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    Eat better together

    Love ToYou? Introducing NEW ambassador program

    Love ToYou? Introducing NEW ambassador program

    If you love ToYou, why not get some perks for it and for sharing with your friends?

    In an effort to reward loyal supporters, ToYou introduces its Brand Ambassador Program with perks for ambassadors and their friends.

    As a ToYou Snacks Ambassador, ambassadors receive:

    • First box FREE
    • Personal subscription code for 25% off your monthly subscription
    • Referral subscription code to share with friends – 10% off their monthly subscription

    Some of our current ToYou Snacks Ambassadors include some promising young athletes, including wake boarders and water skiers who aspire healthy and active lifestyles, from their training to their nutrition.

    Want to know how to become a Brand Ambassador? We thought you’d never ask!

    There are some criteria in going through the process, starting with a short questionnaire interested ambassadors can fill out and return to our team. We can send you all of the program details by email. If you are interested in our ToYou Ambassador Program, simply send an email to with the subject: ToYou Ambassador Program – First Name Last Name.

    We’d love to hear from you!

    As always, our motto at ToYou Snacks is:

    At ToYou Healthy Snacks, only the best ingredients get all wrapped up in a wonderful bar striking a perfect balance between wholesome and delicious. Our healthy snack bars are a combination of flavors to fuel your body in a Natural Way! We are truly nuts about our high quality ingredients. Direct from the earth, To You!

    Each one of our bars contains only about 4-6 ingredients, all of which you will recognize the names for in what we call our “Simply Made” process. Every bar is handmade to ensure that each and every bar our customers bite into, we can assure, they are 100% satisfied with.

    Typically only one week has passed from the time they are made until the time you are able to enjoy them. We stress major importance on the quality, freshness and premium ingredients in our ToYou bars. They are so moist, and full of flavor, that we just can’t help but love watching someone try for the first time!

    So once again, thank you for your support and love of ToYou!

    It's great to know what moves our young generations