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    Feb. 19: National Chocolate Mint Day

    Feb. 19: National Chocolate Mint Day

    Happy National Chocolate Mint Day!

    It’s National Chocolate Mint Day, and we’re celebrating the benefits of both Chocolate and Mint with 25% off today at TOYOUSNACKS.COM. While we’re sure many of you are hesitant to dig into more sweets after the recent celebration of Valentine's Day, there’s no need to feel guilty! Not only does chocolate offer many health benefits, so does mint!

    Don’t believe us? Check out these facts:


    Benefits of Mint:

    Creates proper digestion: Mint is referred to as a palate cleanser across the world. By beginning any meal with mint, you are decreasing your chances of indigestion or inflammation in the stomach and therefore digesting your food comfortably.

    Generates Relief from Nausea: Mint is a naturally soothing substance. It not only alleviates inflammation for digestion but also prevents a rise of body temperature that can occur with headaches.

    Respiratory Disorders and Coughs: If you’ve ever smelt a mint leaf or oil, you are aware of how strong the aroma is. This strong scent has actually proven to clear congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs.

    Depression and Fatigue: Mint is a natural stimulant. Not only does its strong smell help with clearing congestions, it wakes up your body and gets your brain functioning on a high level.

    Skin Care and Pimples: Mint soothes skin, and helps to cure infections and itchiness. Not only is that helpful when itching a bug bite, it has also been proven to help clear acne and pimples.

    Weight Loss: Not only does Mint help with Digestion, as a natural stimulant it gives a kick to the digestive enzymes. These absorb nutrients from food while also consuming fat and turning it into usable energy.


    Benefits of Chocolate:

    Improves Cognitive Performance- Consuming chocolate has been proven to better the body’s cognitive function. These functions include activities involving reasoning, memory, attention and language.

    Reduces Chances of Stroke- According to Medical News Todays, studies proved that eating a small amount of chocolate each day could lower chances of stroke and heart disease.

    Reduces Memory Decline- Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day could help stop memory decline and keep the brain healthy

    Lowers Bad Cholesterol- It’s been observed that eating cocoa can reduce levels of bad cholesterol and raise levels of good cholesterol.

    Now that you know why Mint and Chocolate are so great, make sure to pick up a ToYou Mint Chocolate Box for 25% off from and send us photos of how you are celebrating this holiday with the HashTags #NationalChocolateMintDay #ToYouSnacks

    Benefits of Gluten-Free Snacks

    Benefits of Gluten-Free Snacks

    Gluten. What is it? How does it affect your diet and what does it mean to eat gluten-free?

    Those are all great conversations, we’re glad you asked!

    Gluten is a term that has been tossed around quite a lot lately as more and more grocery stores add gluten-free products to their shelves. However, like many people, if you don’t have Celiac Disease or don’t keep up with the latest “fads”, you’re most likely in the dark when it comes to understanding what gluten actually is and what benefits you can gain from removing it from your diet. Which surprisingly, there are a lot of.

    In short, Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye that is primarily used as a glue to help foods maintain their shape. Sounds harmless, however those who suffer from Celiac disease have shown that ingesting gluten can cause long-term digestive problems and keep you from getting the nutrients you need. And as the number of people being diagnosed with gluten intolerance and celiac disease has increased, more light has been brought to the harmful and negative repercussions of intaking gluten by health specialists.

    It turns out, you don’t have to be diagnosed with Celiac disease or Gluten Intolerance to benefit from its dietary restrictions.

    Here are just a few ways the benefits of gluten-free diet can do for you:

    • Increase your energy levels
    • Eliminates processed and unhealthy foods from your diet
    • Reduces your risk of heart disease, certain cancer  and diabetes
    • Increases your chances of healthy weight loss
    • Helps your digestive health

    While a Gluten-Free diet is beneficial, it is up to you to make sure you are still intaking the proper nutrients. A Gluten-Free diet can lack some vitamins, minerals, and fiber that you need. Make sure the food you are eating is still giving your body what it needs to survive and thrive. All 15 ToYou fruit and nut nutrition bars are gluten free snacks that support healthy digestion and simple, but energy-packed snacking.

    Give it the gluten-free recommendation a try, and let us know how it goes for you!

    How To Fuel Up For A Workout

    How To Fuel Up For A Workout

    Tackling your resolution of getting fit goes beyond just your workout. Seeing the pounds melt away includes disciplined nutrition and also fueling up for that fuel body sweat.

    The workout is only half the battle. Eating right is key to getting the results you want, and fueling up for your new workout is just as important. It’s easy to overestimate and tell yourself you burned hundreds of calories in that quick workout, so eating the right foods can save you from starting your day trying to make up for the pre-workout meal.

    [RELATED: How to Create A Nutrition and Resolution Plan That Lasts ]

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says you burn about 100 calories for every mile you walk or run, so be mindful when selecting your pre-workout meal – some of those smoothies or morning shakes that seem like the best option can have up to 400 calories or more in them.

    A low-intensity morning workout, for an example, a walk or yoga, does not require much fuel. So a fruit and nut bar (like ToYou’s Pre-workout snack bar) and hydration, can be the energy boost you need before having a protein-filled breakfast post-workout.

    One faux pas of a pre-workout routine is skipping breakfast and trying to work out without any fuel.

    “Eating in the morning helps replenish liver glycogen and steadies blood sugar levels,” officials said.

    Leaving your body famished can also lead to overeating after the workout because you’re so hungry. In that case, you might give into your cravings and not be able to pass up the donuts at the office or pizza for lunch!

    Another trap to not fall into is eating your favorite “cheat meal” after a good workout as a reward – that basically counteracts your gymtime, according to health officials. Of course, working out before gorging yourself on is better than nothing, but you’re putting yourself further away from your fitness goals.

    If working out at night is your thing, eat a healthy lunch three to four hours before your workout and have a snack, like fruit, just before your workout to put an extra pep in your step. And be sure to hydrate! Water throughout the day, and while exercising, for less than an hour. Health officials suggest a sports drink if you’re doing a high-intensity workout in a hot climate for more than hour.

    Whether you work out in the morning or after work, refueling and rehydration is important. Health officials suggest snacks high in protein, like Greek yogurt or string cheese with whole-grain crackers to hold you over until your next meal.

    How do you fuel up before a workout? Share your workout journey with us using hashtags #ToYouSnacks and #healthyandfit!  

    3 Tips: How to Create A Nutrition and Resolution Plan That Lasts

    3 Tips: How to Create A Nutrition and Resolution Plan That Lasts

    By: Dan WashmuthNutrition and Fitness Expert, MS, RD, EP-C.

    Even with the best intentions, less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions last for the entire year.  

    We have all been there. We have all made New Year’s resolutions with boundless determination to eat healthier and exercise more.  Most of us have even kept up with our New Year’s resolutions for a couple weeks.  The month of January is filled with vegetables and gym memberships and void of sodas and fast food.  

    However, by the time the calendar turns to February each year, most resolutions have become an afterthought.

    The good news is that there are ways to drastically improve your chances of having a New Year’s resolution that lasts.  Creating a plan with the tips listed below can help you reach the health goals you have set out to accomplish in the new year.

    Focus on One Small, Easily Attainable Goal at a Time

    The more difficult something is, the less likely a person will sustain it over the long term.  This can be applied to any aspect of our lives, but it is especially applicable to nutrition and exercise.  If a person tries to follow a nutrition or exercise plan that is extremely complicated and difficult, it is very unlikely that a person will stick with it for more than a week or two.  One surefire way to make a resolution too difficult is to make one big lofty goal.

    A great way to make a New Year’s resolution that lasts all year is to break up the overall goal into smaller, more attainable goals. Then, focus on just one goal at a time.  For example, if your resolution is to eat healthier this year, try having a different, smaller goal each week that relates to your overall goal.  Your first goal could be to eat one more serving of vegetables each day.  Focus on just that one goal for the entire week, get really good at it, then create a new goal the following week.  Maybe your goal the second week is to drink one less can of soda each day.  The key is to make these goals easy and attainable.  

    Each week’s goals may not seem like impressive accomplishments when looked at separately.  However, when you add up all the smaller weekly goals (all 52 of them) it will amount to considerable improvements over the entire year.  

    Find a Form of Exercise that You Enjoy

    The key to exercising is finding activities that you enjoy doing, because if you enjoy doing something it is more likely that you will stick with it over the long term.  If you hate running with a passion, it is very unlikely that you will stick with an exercise plan that revolves around running.  If you hate going to a gym because you are intimidated by working out in front of people, you will not stick with an exercise plan that revolves around going to the gym.  

    There are thousands of different forms of exercise: from swimming to paddle boarding to lifting weights to yoga.  The key is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing.   If you enjoy doing it, it will be easy to stick with it all year!

    Don’t Follow “Fad” Diets

    The vast majority of “fad” diets are either unhealthy or ineffective, and sometimes both.  Here are three tell-tale signs of a “fad” diet.    

    1. The diet plan promises rapid weight loss.  Many “fad” diets promise rapid weight loss, sometimes as much as 10 pounds per week.  The safest, most effective way to lose weight is 1-2 pounds per week.  Losing weight more rapidly than this can increase the likelihood that a person will regain the weight or increase the chances that a person will not stick with the diet over the long term.  
    2. The diet plan eliminates entire food groups. Each of the 5 food groups contain certain nutrients that are pretty specific to that food group.  Eliminating an entire food group drastically increases that chance that a person will become deficient in the nutrients that are specific to that food group.  
    3. The diet plan is extremely difficult to follow.  As mentioned above, the more difficult something is, the less likely it is that a person will stick with it over the long term.  Many “fad” diets are extremely difficult to follow.  They might severely restrict your food, require you to perform complicated math problems to calculate how much food you can eat at each meal, or only allow you to eat a couple different foods.  

    Here are three easily achievable tips for healthy eating over the long term that are not “fads”:

    1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods in the world.  They are loaded with important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.
    2. Eat protein at each meal and snack.  Consuming protein can boost your metabolism and help you feel fuller longer.  Good protein sources can include chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, beans, and dairy.
    3. Eat “real” food.  Look at the ingredients of your food.  The ingredients should be “real” food, not artificial ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Any of the 14 ToYou bars fall into this category with whole ingredients, no preservatives and full of the right fats, carbs and protein.

    Put some of these tips into action and you will be well on your way to sticking with your resolution plan and new healthy and fit lifestyle.

    Use hashtags #toyousnacks and #healthyandfit to share your journey with us!

    New You Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

    New You Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

    Are you you seeking effective ways to change your lifestyle?

    With a fresh new year on the horizon, people all around the world are beginning to reevaluate life choices they’ve made. These choices are things you’ve been hoping to change for the past days, weeks, months, or maybe even years, but never found the motivation you needed to do so.

    Creating a new lifestyle takes discipline, planning and commitment. The best way to begin a new lifestyle is creating a list of goals for “New You” Resolutions.

    This year, we at ToYou, want to help create this new you!

    We know how easy it is for people to compile lists of things they need to change, and we know even more how difficult it is to actually execute change. Creating a happy and healthy lifestyle takes work, but isn’t the new you worth it? We think so.

    Developing new habits over time is the key to maintaining a new lifestyle from mindset and exercise related activities to nutrition and snacking habits. Listed below are 7 resolutions that we truly believe will make all the difference on your journey to becoming the new you!

    Radiate Positivity

    A change of mindset is sometimes all a person needs to create a healthier lifestyle. This year, take life by the horns and make it extraordinary. Don’t focus on the things that aren't going your way. Keep everything you’ve accomplished thus far in mind, and push forward with a smile on your face. 

    Pursuit Adventure

    There is so much in the world to see and the only thing stopping you from seeing any of it, is you! Take that road trip you’ve always thought about, buy that flight to go abroad when you find a deal online, go to the city you’ve obsessed over in pictures! The memories you’ll make in pursuing these adventures will last a lifetime and are worth much more than any happiness gained from material goods.

    Meet New People

    Socialize! There are so many people in this world, more than likely one of them could have an extraordinary impact on your life. It could be something as simple as helping you network, to bringing new music, food and art into your life or even motivating you to set and reach goals that seemed out of reach. Say hello to that person in the elevator or your neighbor down the hall, you never know what could happen!


    Put the phone away for a little. When you get home to your family, leave it in a different room. If you go to the beach with your friends, don’t spend the entire time letting the world know where you are through social media. Try to truly enjoy the scenery and conversations going on around you. Don’t take it for granted.

    Eat Healthier

    Instead of going out for food this year, learn how to cook and snack wisely. Having a busy schedule shouldn't stop you! Plan your meals at the beginning of the week, cook and refrigerate what might be time consuming to make, then heat them up for a quick and easy meal. Buy some healthy snacks made with dried fruits and whole nuts to keep at your office for when you’re hungry instead of running to the fast food place next door for a quick bite.

    Enjoy The Little Things

    The feeling of sand in between your toes, a ladybug landing on your arm, when your favorite song shuffles on, fresh sheets on the bed, watching the sunrise and sunset, an extra 30 minutes of snooze in the morning, stargazing, a good hair day. Take time to smile and appreciate the little things in life.

    Manage Your Stress

    We are only human. There are always going to be hectic times in our lives where we feel an extra load of stress. However it’s important that you find a way to properly manage it; not only for yourself but for the sake of your relationships with people. Whether it’s doing puzzles, breathing exercises, or listening to music, there is something out there for you.